6 pack - 4 oz - Starter Pack - Classic/Chile/Truffle

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Looking for an awesome gift pack? Interested in stocking your retail store with little to no risk? Want to make sure you always have snacks at your home or office?

The 4 oz - 6 pack - starter pack is the perfect place to start!!!

This combination pack contains our 3 most popular flavors including Classic Smoked Almonds, California Chile Blend Almonds and Black Truffle Almonds. Sure to provide enough variety to please anyone, without going out on a limb with some of our more niche flavors, the 4 oz - 6 pack, contains 2 x 4 oz Glass Jars Classic, 2 x 4 oz Glass Jar Chile and 2 x 4 oz Glass Jars Truffle. After you find out what you like best, you may find yourself moving to 6 packs of your favorite flavor ;-)

Verified: Non-GMO, Vegan, Soy Free, Oil Free, California Grown, California Roasted, Family Owned and Operated