QA is not boring.

Feb 16th 2017

Quality assurance is exactly what it sounds like… ensuring a product’s quality is high enough to meet basic standards. But, what are the basic standards? Should we set them, or should we make som … read more

The First Manufacturing Live Feed on Twitter

Posted by Peter on Feb 1st 2017

In my last article about our Live Manufacturing platform, I wrote in some of the comments about one of the aspects I was struggling with was how to display the data we collect about our production log … read more

Get Snack Happy.

Posted by Originally Posted by The California Almond Board on Jan 14th 2017

Nothing should come between you and your almonds and that’s that. Fortunately, almonds are the easy snack that fits in anywhere, everywhere and anytime too. Check out these hot tips for conquering a … read more

Introducing Live Production Feed

Posted by Peter on Jan 11th 2017

Since the inception of AgStandard, I've been working tirelessly, behind the scenes to develop a way to share the true value of our production process. We source from the highest quality farms and supp … read more
Why would a business give away samples for free?

Why would a business give away samples for free?

Posted by Peter Egan on Nov 18th 2016

Thats a good questions. After a year of competing with massive corporations in a industry that is not always the most transparent, I decided that the best way to show people why AgStandard is a better … read more