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Citrus Maple Smoothie aka Orange Julius

Citrus Maple Smoothie aka Orange Julius

Posted by Adam Cole on Feb 2nd 2018

Remember when you were a kid and you lived in a really small town, and there was a mall but that mall was also really small…and didn’t have any food court. So like twice a year you got to go to that giant mall in the closest metropolitan area, and in the food court at that mall was a place so magical and delicious- Orange Julius. 

No? That didn’t happen to you? Well, we made this smoothie in honor of that nostalgic food memory. And this version, made with our maple almonds, yogurt, and fresh citrus juice is not just delicious but really good for you. Mixing up the variety of citrus you use makes for some interesting variations in color, sweetness, and acidity. 

Think Cara cara and blood orange, tangerine and grapefruit- Winter is the season for citrus! And for the rest of the year, your favorite store bought OJ will work just fine.  

Smoothie Prep


2 oz. Maple Almonds

- 5 oz. Greek Yogurt (We really like Strauss Creamery. Shameless plug. They just make really delicious dairy products)

- 4 oz. Citrus Juice of your choice

- ½ ea Banana

- to taste Maple Syrup (or whatever your preferred sweetener is) 

Smoothie Blender


  1. Pour maple almonds into blender and cover with lid. Blend on high speed to chop up almonds as fine as possible.
  2. Pour in yogurt, citrus juice, and banana. Keep blending on highest speed until the smoothie is, well…smooth.
  3. Taste it. Want it to be a little sweeter? Add maple syrup or whatever you like. Want it to be a little creamier? Throw the other half of that banana in there. Just don’t bae the baenana, please.  

Orange Julius

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