The First Manufacturing Live Feed on Twitter

Posted by Peter on Feb 1st 2017

In my last article about our Live Manufacturing platform, I wrote in some of the comments about one of the aspects I was struggling with was how to display the data we collect about our production log to customers who care. Late one night, as I was scrapping the interface of the live feed and starting from scratch... again... I thought. 

What is the goal, what am I trying to accomplish here? I'm trying to display a small amount of written information and eventually a single piece of visual media. It shouldn't be this difficult. And it struck me. Twitter.

Twitter has a beautiful interface, millions of users, and a media format that translates almost exactly to what I am trying to convey. I got to work and after a long Sunday night, AgStandard started 'Live Tweeting' each batch of almonds that we made, automatically.

Please check out our new feed and if you think what we are working toward is interesting, please retweet it. The more people who ask questions about how their food is made, the better off we will all be in the end.

Also, if you have ideas for practical applications or features for our software, please reach out and let me know. We are actively searching for interesting partnerships and collaborations.