Five Models for Local School Food Procurement

Jul 25th 2017

By Maggie Tauranac | 07.18.2017 Michael Chamberlin / Adobe StockGetting local food into a public school system's meal program seems pretty much like a no brainer. The practice would boost local … read more
Almonds, Anything But Basic

Almonds, Anything But Basic

Posted by Eloy Yndigoyen on Mar 15th 2017

The first time I ever heard someone use the term superfood I will admit that I laughed. I was having lunch with a friend who always is jumps on to basic trends and has a vocabulary that is even more … read more
Where there’s Smoke, there’s Rauchbier.

Where there’s Smoke, there’s Rauchbier.

Posted by Angel City Brewery on Feb 28th 2017

With so many great beer styles, sometimes it’s hard to give them all the attention they deserve. Case in point: Rauchbier, the elusive style that you’ll rarely see in even the best bottle shops. And y … read more

QA is not boring.

Feb 16th 2017

Quality assurance is exactly what it sounds like… ensuring a product’s quality is high enough to meet basic standards. But, what are the basic standards? Should we set them, or should we make som … read more

The First Manufacturing Live Feed on Twitter

Posted by Peter on Feb 1st 2017

In my last article about our Live Manufacturing platform, I wrote in some of the comments about one of the aspects I was struggling with was how to display the data we collect about our production log … read more